Tuesday 23 November 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten thoughts I've had over the past few days

1. Yey for the Pope! Finally, there is a sensible and responsible attitude towards this issue.
2. Berlusconi looks an awful lot like the devil.
3. These Malaysian students are so motivated and keen.
4. How can I make my students this motivated and keen?
5. Wow, Inception is a really confusing film. (1 hour later) Oh, and it's really short too! (2 minutes later as the loop starts again) Ohhhh.....OK. Stupid plane entertainment system.
6. I wish they sold Milo in the UK. By which I mean - I wish Milo tasted as good in the UK as it does here. I like to at breakfast, where it is served hot and then cooled down to your choice of temperature with ice cubes. It sounds ridiculous, but it isn't. I also like the way the cafe serves it - in a plastic bagful of ice, with a straw.
7. I am really enjoying reading Scott Adams's blog. I should find more blogs to read.
8. I'm so glad I visited Jo Malone at Heathrow Airport. My credit card is not so glad.
9. How can I set up a meaningful idea exchange between A-level Physics students here and at my own school?
10. I think it should be the law that everywhere has free wireless so I can blog and Facebook and Tweet from my phone and not have to fret about passwords and the like. Wishful thinking, I fear.

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