Tuesday 9 November 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I am loving (at this time)

1. My new Kindle cover. Mr Z bought it for me and it arrived today. I LOVE it, especially the silky pink lining.
2. Banoffee flapjacks, perfected. I made a second batch tonight and totally solved the sloppy caramel problem. Win.
3. The fact that just about all the leaves have gone from the trees in two days, thanks to the very blustery weather.
4. The rain. I know, mental - but it's good proper weather and I appreciate that.
5. James C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn. My Cherie Amour is half finished already and I haven't even started the second ball.
6. This nail polish from Nubar. I am not very good at putting nail varnish on, but when I saw it reviewed on Georgie's blog I had to have it. It helps that the brand lacks all the nasties that put me off nail polish usually. I hope my love for it continues after it has arrived.
7. Pumpkin and sweetcorn soup. So easy, so filling.
8. My clever phone. At work yesterday the network went down, so I used my phone as a wifi hotspot, connected my laptop to it and did my register. It is DIZZYING how far technology has come in the past few years.
9. Planning my outfits for the trip. At the weekend, I felt fairly overcome by the weight of the work to do for Malaysia so I did the only sensible thing - I printed out the schedule and made outfits for each day, and then laid them all out in the spare room ready for packing. We don't leave until the 20th, but I found it very calming. I stopped short of photographing my outfits but that might be a task for this weekend.
10. Chocolate Weetabix. Especially with banana. Yum.

Now...back to work!

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