Saturday 4 July 2009

Fave Friday

I forgot! Bad girl. It's not like I even had going to work as an excuse - thought yesterday was the last day of marking. I finished my paltry allocation with a few hours to spare and was left to swoop in and do my backreading duties on a member of my team who left 700 essay questions for the last 24 hours. He finished 14 minutes before the deadline. I was awestruck. I quite like the online marking, even more as a team leader, because I can snoop on other people's progress and stats. I'm also glad I was team leader because I don't think I would have finished on time if I had had a normal allocation, whereas taking six days out in hospital didn't stop me from getting all my team leader stuff done, especially since most of it was having to be done at the start.

The extra cash is not going to hurt, either!

But I digress. We had an Indian takeaway last night. so here are...

My Five Favourite Things From The Curry Shop

1. Paratha. An Indian version of fried bread. I like how it breaks up in circles.
2. Tandoori chicken. I don't much like really sloppy curries, so the dry chicken is perfect.
3. Chana Massala. I'm a sucker for the humble chick pea. I have to mix this with rice because otherwise it's too saucy (see above), but it's really tasty and a portion will usually do two meals if I have it with the chicken.
4. Banana curry. I know, it sounds so, so wrong. My local curry house doesn't sell it, but I had it at the Christmas curry the Thursday knitting group went on last year and it is amazin'. Very coconutty and kind of sweet - could be eaten like a dessert.
5. Sag Aloo. I think I mean sag aloo - spicy potatoes and spinach. I make a mean version of this myself which is a Slimming World recipe, aka "No Guilt". In fact, I like my own so much I never order this anymore because I am disappointed when it's not as good as my own.

I was a little concerned, after my op, that certain things might disagree with my stomach and last night was quite a big test, since I ate a big meal* and I had a fizzy drink. But I've been fine. Evidently I can go on as normal without my gall bladder - I was worried I'd end up unable to eat cheese or fat or chocolate or something. Come to think of it, I haven't had any cake yet - now THAT would be tragic.

* Interestingly, since having the op, my appetite has shrunk. Maybe it's because I didn't eat for so many days, or maybe it's because I'm being a bit more thoughtful. Last night I ordered the same amount of curry things as usual and half of my meal is sitting downstairs in the fridge waiting to become lunch. Normally there are just the chickpeas and some rice left which I hoover up for, I have no shame.

Fave Fridays is from Kelli's Blog - she has a great deal of stuff on it so it's definitely worth a look.


Kelli said...

I am not an Indian food fan - so, yeah.. that Banana Curry really made my stomach churn at the thought. LOL! Maybe, though, I should try again. Did you know our taste buds change as we age? Maybe I will like it now.

Sorry for the ramble! Thanks for coming over to my blog and playing again! :-D

ethnically ambiguous said...

MMM Sag Aloo that is one of my favorites as well! Actually anything with spinach is my favorite :)