Tuesday 7 July 2009

Tuesday Ten

It's that time of year agin. This advert is back in the TV. It makes me very happy.

So. Three weeks from today, we fly to Las Vegas (baby) and it's all about enjoying the fruits of my labours for 3 weeks after that. So here we go, in honour of the trip....

Ten things I miss about America

1. Peanut butter M&Ms.
2. Crystal Light. It may be more British to have liquid squash but it's so much more convenient to have it powdered - and nobody does a fake raspberry quite like Kraft. What a pity the dyes are illegal in the UK.
3. Sitting out on the back porch at midnight when it's cool, so that it's only like having a hair dryer in your face instead of sitting in a sauna, sipping Crystal Light and gabbing.
4. The fake garden, beautiful glass ceiling and fancy shops at the Bellagio. I might treat myself to a little birthday present at Tiffany this year.
5. Lazy driving. American cars, tsk - I could be paralysed down my left side and still drive perfectly normally, especially on the massive broad roads (though that turning right on a red light thing really confuses me). Also, though, tarting around in Father Hand's convertible MR2.
6. Pedicures. I love my little local salon, which is a 5 minute walk door to door and has really friendly beauticians who've been working on me for 4 years now, but nothing beats that pedicure I got from the teeny Asian girl chatting on her mobile phone as she shaved the dead skin off my feet.
7. Sephora. Philosophy! And all the make up. Benefit especially. Mmmmmmmm.
8. Cheap petrol. Don't come crying to me that it's $3.20 a gallon or something now.
9. Blizzards from Dairy Queen. Anybody who has only ever had a McFlurry is totally missing out. In fact, Americans do almost all ice cream better - witness, the billion flavours of Ben and Jerry's available.
10. Father Hand, of course.

I'm so excited about the holidays. I have booked almost everything now - just need a campsite at Tahoe and a motel in Visalia for the first night. Rather than driving the 7 hours from Vegas to Sequoia and pitching the tent in the dark (because we wouldn't leave until the middle of the day, in spite of any good intentions we might have had), I decided we should drive 6 hours to a Visalia motel and then go into the national park nice and fresh the next day.

That was a really pointless paragraph but I can't shut up about the whole scheme, it's too exciting!

I'm also planning yarn store visits. Father Hand informed me (I can't remember if I said already) that an associate paid him for a job by giving him a car, which we can use for our trip - so all that money saved is now yarn money. Well...a bit of it, anyway. I'm most excited about finally getting to see Jimmy Beans in Reno, after several years of buying from them online and suffering the VAT/PO charges.

Feeling much better, by the way, just still a bit twingey.

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