Wednesday 29 July 2009

Tuesday Ten

This Tuesday has been eight hours longer than last Tuesday. I am currently experiencing 5pm for the second time today - only this time it's 113 degrees outside.

Ten Things I Plan To Do During The Next Three Weeks

1. Go rafting. There may be white water involved.
2. NOT have to run away from bears.
3. Have a nice anniversary meal out with Mr Z (we have been married for three years today).
4. Swim in Lake Tahoe.
5. Visit Jimmy Beans in Reno.
6. Go on a hike for longer than an hour (and try not to whinge about it). This will help me to truly appreciate Yosemite at its most beautiful. I hope.
7. Visit the Donner Memorial - the story behind which I teach every year - and surreptitiously shoot a photo story re-enactment for use in class next year, without being thrown out/causing an international incident.
8. Get a pedicure. You're probably sick of reading me write that by now.
9. Get a nice tan - or at least, not burn.
10. Fill up a memory card with photographs.

There may be some blogging on the way round. I have it in mind to do a video diary on my camera and upload it when I get the chance, so it may be me talking. As long as I don't get attacked by a bear.

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