Friday 10 July 2009

Fave Friday

This week...
Top Five Products From Lush

1. Babyface cleanser. This stuff is awesome. Sometimes I even use it as a mask in the bath. I particularly love it when people mistake it for soap (there are 4 different bars of soap on the sink, and the Babyface, which is set to the side) and then end up washing their hands for half an hour to get the grease off.
2. Gorgeous moisturiser. The only thing that gets me out of bed at 6am on the first day of the post-Christmas sale - I can stock up a year's worth for a fraction of the price. I think I'd still pay full price for it though, it's amazing stuff. It makes me look like I've had an excellent night's sleep no matter what.
3. Uluru bath bomb. It's discontinued now but I still buy it from the Retro section on the website. It's got a really subtle scent that hangs around for ages after the bath, and it softens the water better than any of their other products.
4. Curly Wurly shampoo. It took me a while to get used to this because the coconut gets stuck in my hair a bit but it always comes out when I condition and my hair is so soft and shiny. And coconutty. I love coconut.
5. King of Skin. I remember when I first bought this as a naive new Lushie - I took it on holiday to Ibiza and I didn't know about using it in the shower and washing off the excess. I smothered my legs in it and sprinkled them with gold haberdashery glitter before we went out to Dave Pearce at Eden, and I looked like an extra from Goldfinger. It was our last night and the barman picked me up for a picture with Jen, and when he put me down he was all, "Ergh! What's all this greasy gold glitter all over my arms?!"

24 was a fabulous age! I still have (and love) those shoes, though they've had to have some cobbler tlc. The heel snapped off them about 90 minutes after this shot was taken and I ended up dancing all night in bare feet.

Back to King of Skin....Happily I know better now and use it in the shower. I have dry skin and am terribly lazy about moisturising my legs but this is really easy.

Wow, it was hard to pick just five! I don't really go on the Lush forums anymore, but I still love to shop there. I went in today and spent ages looking at the new products. Great fun. Then I had to have a little sit down because I am still off sick and still getting a little breathless - but I am hoping to be right as rain by Monday, so I can go back to work. Getting quite bored now, especially since all the exam board work is as good as over. Just the reports to write now.

Fave Fridays

Thanks to Kelli for her fun Friday meme!

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Kelli said...

Those sound YUMMY!! :-) Thanks for playing Fave Fridays at 3 Boys & a Dog