Tuesday 21 July 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things That Have Happened This Year (Most of which are fairly trivial)

1. Lots of 'slebs died. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Molly Sugden, Henry Allingham (the oldest man in the world, a WW1 vet).
2. Everybody wanted to commute home from work by waterslide.

3. Katie "Jordan" Price and Peter Andre broke up, and I was sad. Their relationship didn't seem to be a sham and I thought they would stick it out. But, marriage is hard...so I hear.
4. Slumdog Millionaire won about a million awards, including a big pile of Oscars.
5. Several artists had number ones by working with dance musicians, like Dizzee Rascal and Kelly Rowland. (Though, I have to admit they both did this last year to some degree of success, and actually I prefer this Dizzee Rascal (perhaps because I have a minor obsession with Calvin Harris) and this Kelly Rowland).
6. Take That did a load of comeback gigs and I really felt my age because it seemed like most of my friends on facebook had status updates about going to one of them.
7. It turned out that Andy Coulson, who is a bigwig adviser to the Tories, was the editor of the News of the World when they were illegally hacking into the mobile phones of the rich and famous in order to sell newspapers. Sadly, I fear this scandal won't be enough to save Labour next year.
(Incidentally, I read this month that, if only men voted, Labour would not have been out of office since 1945.)
8. Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince finally came out. I, along with many other Ravelers, spent a lot of time discussing the knitwear in it. I also resolved to take teaching tips from Snape for next year.
9. There was a really long, drawn out business about MP's expenses, as some of them paid for duck houses and moat cleaning. As if by magic, everybody's expenses seemed to be under the microscope, including people from the BBC. I felt smug when I went to my exam board meeting and bussed it across London in the midst of a tube strike, instead of getting a cab...but then expensed a glass of wine with dinner. So I'm as bad as everybody else.
10. There was an earthquake in Italy, while we were there with the ski trip. Thankfully it happened miles away from where we were. The incorrigible Berlusconi toured the refugees in their camp, remarking that it must be like going on a camping holiday. Here are some other cringeworthy Berlusconi moments.

And an extra one - I was flicking back through my Facebook links and found this, where T-Mobile used flash mobs for advertising, which I thought was amazin'.


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