Sunday 12 July 2009

Weekend FOs

It has been 3 weeks since I was able to publish details of a weekend FO - what a slacker I have been! However, since being off sick I have a raging case of startitis and a holiday motivating me to finish things so I have almost 2 to share today (you'll see what I mean).

Pattern: Frock Camisole by Katie Himmelberg. I bought the copy of Interweave Knits this was in for a lot more than it really cost, as it was a back issue and shipped from the US, but I want to knit about 80% of its patterns and this is the 2nd project I have started out of it, so I feel justified.
Yarn: Rowan Damask, in a dark blue mix. Brings out my eyes, apparently. Nearly 5 balls. It's a shame this yarn is discontinued, I love the colourways and it's knitted up lovely and soft, with a good drape.
Needle: 4mm Knitpicks Options
Mods: I knitted the straps in a 1x1 rib so they don't curl, and I attached them to the back with a three needle bind off.

It's a gorgeous, light, cool, summer top, and it went superquick - 6 days. It needs blocking, really. I was going to do that today but then I accidentally wore it instead. I was between two sizes and went for the smaller, and then my gauge was about 21st/4in instead of 19, so it has come out clingier than it should have - but after wearing all day it has relaxed out quite nicely. Not TOO much thankfully - it's in no danger of being saggy, thanks mostly, I suspect, to the linen content of the yarn.


Pattern: My OWN DESIGN! I am calling it "I carried a watermelon"
Yarn: Cascade 220 held double
Needle: 8mm Knitpicks

It's lined with red gingham and has a red zip along the top. First zip I've ever sewn into a knitted item. I got the lining fabric from the Foam Shop up the 'wood, which has improved slightly from the damp and smelly cave of fabric it was last time I went in - but I still had to wash the fabric before I was able to use it, since it had been on a bottom shelf and smelled a bit mouldy. It wasn't mouldy, thankfully - and it was an absolute bargain at £2.50/m - especially since I got quite a sight more than a metre, it being the end of a roll.

I agonised for quite some time about the reds for the watermelon flesh, and what I initially picked out turned out top be superwash (DURRR!) so in the end I used a blend of Flame and Christmas Red which has come out spookily true. I love the dark green - I really love how Cascade Heathers always has a little surprise colour that pops out after felting. This has quite a lot of red in it, so it goes really well.

Ooohhh...accidental both weekend FOs in one picture!

I thought about the construction of this bag for quite a while and how to make it strong, since I always cram too much into my bags. In the end I knitted the gusset and strap as one really long piece and then attached the watermelon pieces to it before felting, leaving a long strip flapping free, which then became the top panel after felting. Once it was sewn up I cut down the middle of the top panel and stitched in the zip. This way, the structure of the bag relies on the strength of the felting to keep it together, which is bound to be way stronger than my sewing!

I ordered some of these beads on Saturday, which will become the pips - so this is why it's not quite a FO yet, but I couldn't wait to share! Mr Z is already planning a good photo shoot for it so there are bound to be more pictures of this around in the future.

I am feeling very pleased with myself. I saw someone carrying a watermelon handbag at the end of May and knew I could knit myself something as good, and I actually have. Check me out!

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