Monday 20 July 2009

Gratuitous watermelon pics




I am SO happy with how well those beads work as seeds. Unfortunately they are drilled across the top instead of through the length, so I had to attach them to the bag with fabric glue - but since I already had some, and since I tested one out and had to use some major force to make it budge, I was not too concerned.

Those two hours I spent browsing for beads online were totally worth it.

It has had a couple of outings now. It is a good size for purse, phone, keys, sunglasses, water bottle and small/medium knitting project. This makes it the perfect bag for practically every occasion.

This might be the perfect dress to go with the bag, too.

I have been sadly drawn in by Phase 8, who seem to be a slightly fancier version of Boden, who made most of my favourite dresses. Phase 8, however, muscled in and made my fabulous stripey sailor dress which has been this summer's event frock.

Phase 8 have also got my email address now, and they keep sending me spoilers about their new lines. It's relentless. OK, so I have to go and fish them out of my spamhilator but still...they sent them in the first place. I am but a weak and feeble woman. I can't resist a pretty dress.

Holidays are in a week, though, and I want to order some yarn from Knitpicks (especially this you can't guess which colours) since I'll be in the US to fetch it home, and I have already promised myself this dress from Boden for the autumn. It has, arguably, a more autumnal feel to it.

It's a terrible time of year for me, this. The exam board money comes rolling in, most of it already accounted for somewhere, and all I want to do is shop.

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