Sunday 26 July 2009

One Local Summer week 8

Woo hoo, a picture!

Time has been against me this week, and I've barely eaten any meals at home, so yesterday I hoofed it to the local farm shop, Turners, and picked up some eggs and butter and bread from Hobbs House bakery and made this very simple lunch of scrambled eggs with grated courgettes (from the garden) on toast. I love adding veggies to scrambled egg, though usually it's just tomatoes.

I also bought some local flour and I have some rhubarb from a knitting group friend's garden and I was going to make a cake, but I think I have run out of time and will not have time to eat it, so perhaps I will just stew the rhubarb and freeze it for when we come back.

Excited as I am about the Odyssey 2009, I am a little sad to be leaving my prolific courgette plant and the tomato plants, which are heavy with gigantic green tomatoes. In spite of the fact they are supposed to be cherry or plum I think we have quite a lot of beefsteak on our hands. Hopefully the Parents Z will pick them as they redden and leave them in the fridge for our return, since home grown veg always seems to keep extremely well.

I am a little perplexed as to how to do local meals over the next three weeks, what with being on the road and all. I will still be cooking, I suppose, and since we're in California there shouldn't be a shortage of local produce - it's just finding out whether any of it is sold close to where we will be. I will have to keep my eyes peeled.


Anonymous said...

I'm growing eggplant this year, and I wish it was as productive as your courgette plants are! This looks like such a delicious local meal. Almost anything is better on toast, I think, and this one can be an "any time of day" meal.
Eating local on the road can be a challenge, but exciting with all the possibilities of foods that can't be grown in one's own local area. I hope you find lots of goodies :-)

Kristin said...

Squash and eggs, one of my favorite summer meals! Sounds good to have it on toast, we always eat ours on big Italian bread :).