Sunday 21 November 2010

My Rock Collection

Following on from Weekword....

The whole collection. There's no good light these days!

As I went through them, I realised there are lots in there that I can't remember picking up. To start with I was kind of sad that all these rocks had lost their memories but I know I only put them in the jar if they've come from somewhere special so that comforted me. There are also shells, marbles and a piece of coral, and Mr Z tells me there is a rock with a hole in it in there that he's had for 33 years. So, it's kind of a combined collection now. Here are some individual pictures....

This is a desert rose we got on holiday in Tunisia when I was 6. Sib and I both had one.

I picked this rock up in Death Valley, when I visited with both parents in 2001. That was a special time for me, because I had both parents together for a few days for the first time in over 10 years and I really enjoyed the luxury of it.
The rock is sort of disappointing to me, because I wanted the crystals to be actual rock; however, I realised quite quickly that they were crumbling off and were just salt. So, I treat it gently and it sits on top!

Last year when we went to Malaysia, I had just started my Geology course and I was so excited about it and insistent on finding a good rock to take back with me. C, the other teacher on the trip, picked this one up for me at the Boh tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands. It has metallic flecks in it which I like a lot.

This is the black spherical stone that I picked up on the beach in Hythe, Kent. My grandmother lived there and I went to stay with her every summer holiday. We'd spend lots of time on the beach.

Here's the big green crystal Father Hand dug out of a cave wall in New Mexico.

Finally - I can't remember where I picked this up, but it's very pretty!

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Christine E-E said...

your glass bowl of rocks is intriguing! I want to put my hand in there & touch some of the more unusual shaped ones!
Looking for to your posts on your upcoming trip!