Sunday 23 November 2014

Almost FO: The Jade

Jade's hat really does look like a strawberry! To the point where it needs to have a flat picture as well as an in-situ one, so you can see just how much of a strawb it is.

I have high hopes for this hat one day being famous, as Jade has made it her mission to compete in the Olympics. She could do it too. She is an exceptionally talented sportswoman and just about the most driven student I've ever come across.

So, this is bound off, but missing its seeds. I am daunted. I can't think of any way of doing it that doesn't involve lots of effort: duplicate stitching, or beads. I could always use fabric paint and dot them on but it feels very short-cut and therefore not very Jade.

As Tutt pointed out to me last night, though, I still have four weeks to go; and only four more hats.

This was made with Rico Aran Merino; most of one ball of red and some of one ball of sage green. I cast on 100 and used an edging from Stitchionary 6 for the brim, and then worked in the round to a point at which it felt long enough; then decreased evenly around by 10 stitches every 4 rows until I had 20 stitches left. Then pulled through to form a point. Et voila - one strawberry hat.

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