Sunday 16 November 2014

Stash Enrichment

When Andre asked for a camo hat I instantly knew I would use Lorna's Laces in Envy, that I knitted the green beret with, a few years ago. Slowly, however, it dawned on me that the remaining 39g of yarn might not be enough for a whole hat, and anyway, all I know is that it is in The Stash "somewhere". I might still be looking for it by the time my next tutor group leave.

It turns out Red Heart do an actual camo yarn, though, so I managed to get some out of somebody's Ravelry stash.

This is my first encounter with Red Heart. It doesn't feel very nice to the touch, but the colours are absolutely spot on. This will definitely become hat number 19, as soon as I finish 18....only a few rows to go.

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