Tuesday 4 November 2014

Stash Enrichment

I'm afraid The Stash is becoming a bit overwhelming, so I don't get the same joy from buying yarn that I used to. I mean, sometimes I do; Wonderwool is always quite thrilling. But, as with all the things I have horded over the years, it becomes a bit oppressive because there's just a lot to get through. Really, I should put more in destash on Ravelry.

Anyway, this means that when I have a project that I need yarn for, I get super happy because I can just buy it and not have to worry about fitting it into a box. This is why all the hat knitting is such a pleasure. This little lot turned up today -

I managed to get some of the marshmallow pink softie, after accidentally buying two skeins of beige, because I transposed a number when looking at the shade. It actually wasn't that bad as colours go, but when you're expecting pink and you get beige...well, it looks pretty awful. The Softie came very cheap from ebay, which is really the only option for this now-discontinued shade of pink (why would you discontinue this?! Surely this yarn was made to be pale pink!) and the seller vacuum packed it flat to save on postage, which was amazing - it arrived totally flat. Magic. AND she refunded some of my postage. V good.

The rest - Cascade Pacific Chunky (yum), and green Rico aran for the brim of the strawberry hat, when I eventually wrestle its red brother out of the stash. This came from Love Knitting, with a 10% off voucher for my next order. Like Boden sending me a £15 voucher just as I'm sharking their website looking at the penguin jumper for Mother Hand's birthday present, they know a hopeless case when they see one.

You might spot two without labels there. I wanted to finish the seed stitch border on the wave jumper but I just couldn't resist casting on number 15, the Charlotte. Shortest Hat Hiatus ever.

She has excellent colour taste. I am sort of making this up - looked at a couple of other patterns for top-down hats; re-read the instructions for jogless stripes on Knitty; just got going. Two more increase rounds and I'll beready for the plain knitting, I think. I had to make myself stop because I am urgently in need of an early night and I have no pressing work to do tonight, so I should get it now.

I am quite pleased that I am not yet bored with the hats; this bodes well. I remember it becoming a bit of a chore last time.

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