Tuesday 18 November 2014

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I waste far too much time on

1. Facebook. I really should delete my account but it is a good extended address book.

2. Pinterest. Not often, but once I get on there, hours will pass without me noticing.

3. The Closer. Even though I have seen every episode at least twice, I still enjoy re-watching them. I have almost every episode saved on my TiVo.

4. Gloating over my stash on Ravelry, a la Smaug and his treasure pile, and thinking about all the things I will make with it (but never actually using that time to make them).

5. Reading fitness magazines. Put down the fitness magazine Sally, and go and exercise.

6. Looking at my old holiday pictures. I can browse through my photo drive for longer than it would take me to mark that set of books I brought home.

7. In fact, AVOIDING MARKING. That could really cover all of the above.

8. Twitter. I love reading Twitter and clicking on people's links, and reading back through conversations. This is usually a good thing because I learn lots and get some good ideas from it, but it is probably still too much time for the pay off.

9. Getting things to line up in Word. Sometimes, trying to do something in new Word has made me literally cry with frustration. If only I could give out a worksheet with paragraphs or tasks that don't line up. To make matters worse, my strange OCD tendencies get worse when I'm tired and stressed, which is some kind of sick joke.

10. Thinking up interesting blog posts. I know, I know, you'd never guess.

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