Wednesday 12 November 2014

Uplifting Song of the Week

I've got a little static whiteboard in my classroom and it is full of "... of the week" - Word, Question, Name for xxxx (a naughty student who lied about his name to a senior staff member even though he is in Y12 and should know better, and is therefore currently being mocked by me - this week it's Stephanie) and Uplifting Song. This week one of the students made me write S Club 7 "Reach for the Stars" which, yes, is uplifting, but I had been going down the route of 80s throwback/90s nostalgia.

This morning, though, this song was on the radio on the way to work and it was playing in my head all day long, all through my lesson observation with my two least favourite members of SLT (they're not that bad, just my least favourite) and all the way home. It takes me back to my youth, when I frequented nightclubs and danced a lot, when this was totally my kind of music and when Jen and I went to Ibiza. And the video really made me giggle! It reminds me of that advert for Southern Comfort, although of course they manage to wedge in some hotties doing something over-sexualised, one of which happens to be the still for the video. Of course.

I might show it to my tutor group next week, when this is song of the week, and make them all come up with a cheesy dance move. Everyone needs a favourite cheesy dance move to cheer themselves up with. There are a few examples here - knock yourself out.

The Magician - Sunlight feat. Years & Years

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