Monday 10 November 2014

Weekend FOs: the Charlotte, the Chloe St

As I mentioned on Tuesday I just couldn't resist casting on the Charlotte when her yarn arrived (well, she did pikc one of my favourite colours for her hat) and, having figured out how to do a top-down hat with jogless stripes, there was no stopping me, so I finished her hat on Saturday and then cast on and bound off Chloe St's as well.

 This is a smidge too big. When I finished it, it was miles too big so I ripped back the ribbing and a couple of stripes and finished it off with two rows of seed stitch to combat the curl. I would say - it has no negative ease. There is no need to stretch it to fit my head. Mr Z thinks it will therefore be too big; I may, given time, knit a second hat like this for her and keep this one for me (this would make that the second hat I've said that about...); or just rip it back and knit it smaller.

I improvised the pattern.
CO 8, join in the round on 4 DPNs, work 1 row.
Work a lifted increase at either end of the DPN for the next row - 16 sts.
Change to contrast colour.
K 1 row, then work lifted increases either side of the 2 centre stitches in the DPN.
Repeat this process, changing colour before each knit row, until there are 64 stitches on the needles.
Transfer to a circular needle; knit every row, changing colour every other row and working k2tog on the second row of the next colour change - 60 sts.
Knit until a total of 18 stripes have been worked.
Change to 5.5mm needles; knit one row, then work 2 rows in seed stitch. Bind off loosely.

I used the jogless stripes tutorial on Knitty to remind myself how to do this. It is a bit obvious when worked in such chunky yarn, but, meh.

I worked the Chloe St exactly the same way, only I increased to 56 and didn't do any decreasing. She's a skater girl, hence the black and pink. I am slightly regretting the baby pink now, as it looks kind of grubby next to the black, but maybe that's just me.

Her's is all Sirdar Softie; Charlotte's is pale blue Softie and peacock Cascade Pacific Chunky. I love the contrast between matte and shiny on the latter.

And, just because I am vain, here is a better (natural light) picture of the Cerys, which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.

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