Tuesday 11 November 2014

Tuesday Ten

So busy this week! So going back to an old favourite - Ten Things I Am Looking Forward To

1. This weekend. We're being "quality assured" in my department this week so I just want that to be over.

2. Seeing Jen next week when I go up north to do a first aid course (as long as Ofsted don't come in, fingers crossed!)

3. Wine tasting with Tutt and the gang from school the following week.

4. Going to see Nanny Hand and grilling her for family history stories.

5. Giving out the hats to my tutor group. I hope they love them as much as I hope they will.

6. Nanny Hand's 90th birthday party. Almost my entire family will be there (not Sib who's escaping to South America later this week for several months, and not Father Hand, sadly) so it will be really nice to catch up.

7. Christmas. Very excited about Christmas. I can't wait to decorate the house. I am thinking of buying a very unnecessary advent calendar, but I really should save my money (see 8 and 9).

8. Taking a trip on the Eurostar to Chamonix to go...

9. SKIING!! A week on the slopes over New Year.

10. It's ages away yet, but I am really looking forward to Wonderwool in April. It is always such a fun weekend.

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