Friday 28 November 2014

Fave Friday

I came across these during last weekend's clearout. I can't remember when I got them, but it was some time when I was a youngster. I had a purple ski suit when I went skiing at the age of 12 so I suppose it might have been then, but I seem to remember having them before that.

They remind me of a very specific place in the house I grew up in: the hallway, beside the banisters, where there was a big mirror with an ornate carved frame that came with the house, and the piano. There was a big cupboard under the stairs that was full o'crap that (I think) also came with the house. The front part of it housed winter outdoor clothes when they were not in season. I remember one year getting the plug in lamp and burrowing around in there, creating a den for myself and sitting in there reading, wearing these.

The irony of these ear muffs is, I never wore them outside much, that I can remember. I remember coming across them every so often and wearing them all over the place inside the house. I loved their purple fluffiness but I think they made me feel too self-conscious to go out in - the same way I used to paint my fingernails blue and then take it all off before going outside. Sometimes I think this is because blue nail varnish simply was not done in the 90s, but on reflection, it might have been my teen awkwardness.

Mr Z shuddered when he saw them and claimed them to be "full of chiggers" and, really, they must go. They are so ancient. And, having tried for at least 90 seconds to get a good selfie in them, I conclude that they really don't suit me.

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