Wednesday 8 November 2017

Black and white

There's a challenge going round Facebook at the moment to post a daily black and white photograph. Although I enjoy things like this I am less impressed with Facebook as time passes and always a bit sad that I put things in there and then they're very hard to find again, unlike with this blog. So, I'm sharing my seven photographs here, and contrary to the tyranny of the chain challenge, I'm captioning.

1. The view from my desk. This was when I got to work last Tuesday morning. I can forget seeing daylight at either end of my work day until at least March, now. 
I like my desk spot. I thought everybody would covet the window seat and I would find I'd been moved somewhere else when school actually started. Turns out, it's a very cold place to sit (though the books provide good insulation) so nobody else wants it. Win. 

2. My to-do list pad, a gift from Tutt when she witnessed me writing one on the back of a receipt; my favourite coffee mug, all the way from my favourite coffee shop in Truckee, CA (undoubtedly going to be broken before the end of the year, but I am making myself use it anyway). 

3. My daily perfume choice. It's the Eau Vive version. I got captured by a salesman in Sephora who was trying to hard-sell Mr Z on some aftershave. I wandered off but he must have recognised I was the better bet so he followed me. That was in 2015. This is my third bottle. I've never used up a whole bottle of anything before...ever. I've still got the perfume my boyfriend bought me for Christmas 1995. 

4. Bristol Harbour from Pero Bridge. On Friday, school took place at the cathedral, so I walked across this way to get there. 

5. Park Street. I went up there for a course I wasn't booked on - best of wins, because I looked good but didn't have to give up my Saturday. 
There are lights up and it looks lovely, though you can't see them well. 

6. View from the back bedroom on Sunday. I love catching rain clouds when they look like this: disintegrating right in front of my eyes. 

7. Bed. Guess who forgot to take their picture on Monday. 

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