Monday 20 November 2017

Blue Monday

A break from gratuitous shots of the sea and the sky this week. Over the summer I visited Durham for a teacher conference based at the university, which was excellent and, even better, afforded me the opportunity to (a) visit Durham, where I had never been before and (b) get to feel like a student again. I also visited their excellent Oriental museum which I can highly recommend. This beauty is from there:

It is a window screen in a Moorish design. I wish I had taken a picture of the accompanying information because I'm sure there was something about the spacing representing something, but I have forgotten. It reminded me of the conversation I had with Ignacio, the guide on the school trip to Spain, when we went to the Alhambra and saw similar screens. He waved his hand at them airily - 'Moorish, you see,' he said, 'because the Muslims prefer nobody looking in. You can always tell the Christian modifications - huge windows. The Moors were more private.'

I think I prefer this. This is way more beautiful than a net curtain. Just saying.

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