Sunday 12 November 2017

Weekend WIP

I got my knitting mojo back a bit this weekend by casting on a small shawl for Mother Hand for Christmas.

I'm knitting it in a set of Minimoons I picked out at Wonderwool in April. The colours are Drizzle, Lavender, French Lavender, Sweet Violet and Wistful. At the moment I can't quite decide which purple should come last; I'm leaning towards the semi-solid Wistful.

The lace pattern is an 8 row repeat, with an optional 8 row repeat addition for a wider panel. I started off with 16 rows of lace but have cut it back to 12 with the Lavender, to try to ensure I don't run out of yarn. I think I might have enough for 12 rows in the next colour, then 8 for the penultimate and maybe we'll see about the final colour.

It's knitting up quickly and easily and I'm cheerful, thinking about Mother Hand wearing it after Christmas. The scarves I've knitted for her so far have been fun fur or Big Softee, since I have not been a huge fan of scarf knitting, so this will be a bit of a departure. She does like a bit of fun fur, though.

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