Saturday 11 November 2017

Weeknote, 11/11

I have got as far as putting the stitches for the back of the angora jumper onto a needle, but I've lost interest again; so today I cast on a new shawl to give to Mother Hand for Christmas.

Going to:
It's been a bit of an indoors week. I went to bikram twice, and I had a parents' evening one night. So, not much to report on this front.

That I am not very good at catching a netball and it's best if I stay in defence - at staff vs sixth form netball on Friday.
About A-level politics - we're offering it as a new option next year so I attended an online training about it.

Obsessed with:
Wearing my new blue ombre stripe leggings at aforementioned netball.
The NARS Man Ray make up collection, since I saw a review pop up on YouTube. I hotfooted it out of parents' evening so I could buy some of it before House of Fraser shut on Thursday. It was an unnecessary purchase, particularly in light of the advent calendar, but so. pretty. Now must actually wear it.

Entertained by:
I caught up on Gunpowder this week, which was entertaining although not captivating. I read a review that said it was pro-Catholic because all the Catholics in it were gorgeous, while the Protestants weren't; I thought it was quite anti-Catholic, though, because there was no suggestion of them being set up.

Rested, after a fairly easy work week, a long night's sleep and a long nap today. Although slightly disconcerted by last night's dream, in which I was meant to be delivering two large presentations (one of which is a real thing I have to deliver in July) and hadn't planned either. Probably a sign I should spend part of tomorrow getting on with some non-work work.

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