Thursday 2 November 2017

Throwback Thursday

Something a little different this week. I'm throwing back to 1993 and sharing my diary entry for this date of that year. I haven't actually looked at it yet so I am hoping it won't be anything too embarrassing.

Back to school today. They've started building work under the New Hall - we have to go miles round to get to the main school (1). Latin was good - I'd learnt all my noun endings but the test isn't til Friday! Swimming was good - lifesaving. And in pottery Mr B-D LIKED my idea!!! I got some new penfriends too from IYS - details on paper (2). Caroline says she's definitely going to Havant now - hurrah!! (3). Wrote loads of letters - 4 - to Martina and Lena, my old penfriends, the Russian girl, and one of my news penfriends. Grandad came over. After he was gone, Mona's (4) mate Alix came over and we watched the tape he made of their Hallowe'en pub crawl. I was on it! In the beginning and at the end. At the end, Alix was saying to me, "Are you high?" and I said, "I'm very low actually" because I was lying on the floor!! (5)

Not too awful.

1. This ended up being a good thing because they were building us a brand new sixth form centre. 15 year old me was not impressed, though.

2. Those old enough might remember this service, where you sent away your name and address and got penfriends back. This clutch were girls my age from Hong Kong, Singapore and Greece - the latter two I remember writing to for some time - and a slightly older boy from America, who never replied, according to my notes. Kraig Brocious, you owe me a letter.
No idea who 'the Russian girl' is, by the way.

3. ie college, as opposed to staying on at sixth form. I spent a lot of time with Caroline while we were at school but I chat a lot of shit about her in my diary. Frenemies, clearly. She ended up staying on and she was one of my squad all through sixth form.

4. Mona was a French student at the university who lodged with us for two years.

5. My level of humour has not improved, you'll note.

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