Saturday 25 November 2017

Weeknote: 26/11

I'm very close to being finished with Mother Hand's shawl. I have one more row and then the bind off. I am hopeful that I might finish it tomorrow, or at least this week.

Going to:
I went to see the English National Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet on Tuesday. It was stunning, of course. Amazing dancing and quite amusing choreography in parts. And, of course, there was a full, enormous orchestra, which made it even better.
Thursday night was the opening of Bath Christmas Markets, so I went down there, as is tradition. Most of my old colleagues let me down by not coming too, but I did catch up with Paul and Tom, who arrived just in time to catch me trying a gin sample at the Bath Gin shed. Timing. We went for dinner at the Stable after we'd wandered around the markets until we were bored. I bought some Christmas presents, some more glass robins (personal obsession) and the obligatory Christmas pudding. Oh, and some gin of course.
I caught up with my old friend Aliboo today. I haven't seen much of her for a few years and it was lovely to natter for a few hours and hear all her news.

Not much learning has happened this week. I've marked all my books and entered all my data, so I've got the decks cleared for the year 11 mock papers, but there hasn't been much time for any personal learning.

Obsessed with:
Trying to get our home into some sort of order. Now the decorating has finished, we have started to move things back to where they came from, but the problem is that we don't have the shelving we used to and we don't necessarily want all of the objet that were on them. I'm trying to throw out as much as possible. I'd like an uncluttered Christmas.

Entertained by:
Snowfall. I've caught up now. It's quite depressing but also compelling.

It's been an interesting week for emotions. Everybody seems to be feeling short-tempered, so there's not a great deal of patience out there. I found someone else in yoga particularly annoying on Wednesday (though thankfully I refrained from telling him off) and the students have been snippy and over-sensitive, as have we. I am hoping everyone will be slightly more patient next week, myself included, since we will be another week closer to Christmas.

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