Saturday 4 November 2017

Weeknote, 4/11

I am full of regret that I only wheel these out when I need to make up blog posts at the end of the year. I do so enjoy reading back over them. It's like keeping a proper diary.

I've put a good couple of inches on the angora jumper today. Expect pictures and an update tomorrow. I've also been browsing shawl pictures, thinking I should probably get on with knitting up that gradient kit into a scarf for Mother Hand if I want to get it done for Christmas. I might make her a Spice Market. I did enjoy that pattern.

Going to:

  • Mainly home, on Monday. We spent Sunday driving to LA and then travelling back to London and then from London to Bristol, during which journey I wore my amazing new ski jacket and slept, soundly. 
  • A history lecture on witchcraft, with local legend Ronald Hutton, history lecturer at Bristol uni. He was very entertaining and I learned some good new facts, such as 93% of those accused of witchcraft in Iceland were men. And I only briefly fell asleep once, which wasn't bad, considering I was clearly still jetlagged. 
  • Bikram followed by infernal inferno pilates, directly afterwards. On Friday night. Regrets, I had them. 

About witchcraft, as above.
Not to have coffee with the people that are protesting your school founder day, no matter how well you got on with them when they came to run a workshop at the school. It will get awkward.

Obsessed with:
Staying awake past 8.30pm - mostly managed it, except for Thursday, when I fell asleep on the sofa immediately after getting in from parents' evening and had to be woken up and sent to bed.

Entertained by:
Taking pictures. I had a black and white picture challenge tossed my way on Facebook so I have been taking a lot of pictures and fiddling with them in editing.
Big Little Lies. I binge watched the entire first series on my flights to and from the US. The notion of putting box sets on the entertainment system is genius.

I've found the jetlag interesting. I thought it would make me tired in the mornings but it has just made me very tired at night, which would be lunchtime Vegas time. Bit weird.
A bit frantic. We undoubtedly had to fit a week's worth of work into three teaching days. I went into school at midday after the special service on Friday and worked until nearly 5pm. And I've worked today, in spite of my resolution to keep weekends clear. Next week should be easier, though. Theoretically.

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