Saturday 18 November 2017

Weeknote, 18/11

I have added another band to Mother Hand's shawl and started the 4th colour. I am really hopeful of having it finished by her birthday, and I've got two long bus journeys to knit during this week.

Going to:
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, performed by the Bath Light Opera Group at the Theatre Royal in Bath. An ex-colleague was in it, so I went with a bunch of my old colleagues and a bunch of students that I used to teach. Some of them were normal about it. Some of them stared at me, and one asked, 'Do we still need to call you Miss?'
The show was hilarious but very rude. Particularly the ping pong scene. I'm glad those weren't my pupils, but Caroline did remind me that I booked the Berlin trip students into a cabaret that turned out to be basically nude, apart from some very diminutive underwear and some strategically placed masking tape. Touche.
After the show, there was the obligatory visit to the Canary Bar, and the obligatory martini. Delightful.
Knitting group, this morning. It was a bijou crowd, but we had a nice time.
Lunch with Sib. I took him to Bocabar where I ate a pizza the size of a bicycle wheel, and then we went for a drive and a short walk to the suspension bridge. The foliage up there is very autumnal and lovely.

Staff vs sixth form netball taught me that I am better at shooting when I am standing a bit away from the hoop.
How to contour - sort of. I'm not very good at it, but I've been trying to use the new NARS palette and prove myself wrong.

Obsessed with:
Getting the floor done, as mentioned on Wednesday. I just need to start ringing people.

Entertained by:
Priscilla, obviously.
Ugly House to Lovely House, a home improvement programme I can manage to watch, though I do wonder how a builder from Newcastle has come to be doing the luvvie kiss-on-both-cheeks thing.
Snowfall. It is pretty dark but I like it a lot.
Ujima radio. It's a local Bristol station. I have learned some things from them this week too: on Friday there was a good history of hip hop special during my long commute home.

So very tired. On Monday I fell asleep on the sofa for a long hour. On Friday I went to bed at 8.20, after falling asleep on the sofa again, and slept through until the alarm went off at 7.30, whereupon I turned it off, did NOT go to yoga and had another half hour snooze. Everyone seems very tired at present so I will blame it on the dark nights and the general mehness of the weather.
Cold. It has been cold this week. I might have to break out the tights if it continues, though Katt said at knitting group today that it is going to be warm next week. I might make it through another week, then.

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