Tuesday 21 November 2017

Travel Tuesday: Bayeux

Last summer, Tutt and I had a couple of day trips to Bayeux. I was super excited to see the Tapestry. No pictures, obviously, but it was amazing to see it in the cloth, so to speak. I can't believe it has survived so well for so long. It was a bit frustrating to be herded through at someone else's pace; I would have preferred having time to pore over the most important scenes for minutes, rather than seconds, but then perhaps the summer holidays are not the best time for this.

Bayeux town was very pretty.

I had some kind of Normandy take on a croque monsieur for lunch. It included sausage and apple, and a big slice of melted cheese.

After that, we went off to the D-day museum. It was a history teachers' paradise. So much information, really well laid out and informative. After that, we had a wander around the cemetery.

I'm not that into this sort of dark tourism, but I found the memorials very moving.

An excellent day out. I'm not quite sure how I managed to fool Tutt into going to two History things on the same day, but I mark it as a triumph of 2016.

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