Wednesday 15 July 2009

I don't frickin' believe it!

So. Recovered from the gall bladder saga, I returned to work on Monday. On Tuesday I woke up with a slightly sore throat. About half an hour after returning from work on Tuesday, I started to feel very dizzy and shivery, slept all evening heaped in blankets and started to have pain swallowing.

Yes, that's right. SWINE FLU. FFS! I am SO SICK of being ill! I am a terrible patient. I hate feeling unwell and to have to take the best part of 3 weeks out of work is just killing me - even though there are hardly any lessons to be covered. There's some amazing irony there, that I've been hanging out all year for exam classes to leave so I have all this time and then I end up off sick for most of it. Though, by my count, seven teachers at school have it now (that's way more than kids) so we might end up closed early anyway.

Luckily it doesn't seem to be too severe so far. I am feeling slightly better today than I was last night, probably because of the 12 hours of sleep I got. I've started taking Tamiflu. I suppose it's better to get it out of the way now, rather than catching it on the plane to America. I am trying to make Mr Z catch it, but he keeps using this alcohol hand gel stuff so I am going to have to resort to doing something unspeakably disgusting to him while he's asleep.

Only joking bun. You hope.

I'm terribly lethargic and can't even do much knitting, let alone think of ten things to blog. Hopefully I will make it out to a shop at some point for OLS meal ingredients, otherwise it will be courgettes a la courgette.

Grarrrrrr! Not. Happy.

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erin rae said...

he, he, he, he had better hide his toothbrush! ;)