Friday 1 October 2010

September Goals Round-up

Finish knitting something - I intend this to be the sparkly hat
No, but I am getting there.

Have a initial consultation with personal trainer lady
Better than that, I have now had three sessions with her! She is lots of fun. We do kettle bells, which are very good exercise.

Clear yarn mountain from between the arm chairs
I need to find somewhere to put it first, and the spare room is already starting to look a little like a jumble sale.

Cut back all dead plants ready for winter (this is one for the end of the month, really)
This isn't finished, but I did make a good start.

Consolidate the four boxes of stuff on the office shelves into three (or less) boxes
I managed to get four into two. Lots of sneezing occurred. I am trying to talk myself into getting rid of all my PGCE notes but it's a battle.

Pack up and post this secret swap gift I have been putting together for, oooh, a month.
It's wrapped and ready to go, but I don't have a suitable envelope for it yet. That's a task for this week.

Post Father Hand Viz and a birthday card
Done. He still hasn't emailed to say thanks though. How rude!

Clear out and consolidate worksheets/paper pertaining to at least four units of work, from my overstuffed and long-suffering filing cabinet.
I am getting there. I cleared out quite a lot of folders and got rid of mock exams going back 4 years from another drawer in there. The problem is, I don't really use my filing cabinet daily, so once stuff goes in there it is liable to stay for quite some time.

Complete my map of the pioneer trail, with online quizzes to accompany it for homeworks
I enjoyed doing this a lot and it has received positive feedback from people so far. I haven't done any actual quizzes, but there are a number of accompanying tasks.

Be in bed by 11pm on a school night, 80% of the time
It didn't start well, but as I got back into the swing of things, my bedtimes got earlier. I have found that I spend a lot more time at the computer now, and a lot less watching TV, so it is easier to slope off to bed any time I want because I'm not waiting for a program to finish.

Not as good as last month - but not bad!

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