Friday 15 October 2010


(Better late than never: I entirely forgot to blog this on Friday but have fixed the date so it looks like I was not duffering from temporary dementia yesterday)

This week's word, from Mandyland, is temptation. Pop on over there for a list of everyone else blogging about temptation this week.

It made me think of Oscar Wilde and his quote, "I can resist everything except temptation."

It made me think of this CLASSIC Heaven 17 track (whatever happened to them, eh? Since they were churning out music this good, I am stunned they never made a long-term career out of it...)

Mostly though, it made me think of my two main temptations: yarn, and food.

I have a roomful of yarn to attest to its tempting properties. I am particularly drawn to anything blue, as I've mentioned before. I am also tempted by silk.

Food is the big one, though, there's no doubt about it. I just find it so very tempting! In spite of my efforts to stay on the wagon and diet, so I can wear all the clothes I like to pore over and fit into plane seats more comfortably, temptation is never far away. This week, I was determined, but unfortunately....
  • on Tuesday, I had a stupidly long work day and allowed myself to be tempted by a fish supper.
  • on Wednesday, I hadn't made a lunch and had buttered toast with spaghetti hoops instead
  • on Thursday, my year 8 students brought me in some cakes which they had made as part of a creative homework on John Cabot (they know me so well...not much info, so let's stick it on a cake and she'll never notice) and it seemed rude not to, you know.
  • on Friday, there were birthday cakelets on the table at lunchtime, and then when I got in I was so very tired I succumbed to the lure of the local curry house.
It doesn't take a dietician to point out that two takeaways a week is not conducive with weight loss, even with a personal training session thrown in for good measure.

I wish I found exercise and salad tempting. In a way, I do: I added some rocket to my lunch on Thursday and have been hankering after more salad ever since; and I get quite jealous when I see people out running, and wish I still could. But, whether it's easier to eat than to run, or whether the temptation of cakes is just greater, I'm not finding it easy to resist.

I am usually quite good at resisting in other areas of my life. I suppose everyone has to have their weakness; I shall persevere in my attempts to conquer it. Next week is National Baking Week, you know, so it's not looking good.


La Vie Quotidienne said...

Sometimes it is just to hard to resist temptation (-: But just congradulate yourself on all the times you did.(-: Nice post.

=Z= said...

Temptation is a way of life; oxygen for some, poison for others.

Decide which side of the fence you fall and act appropriately. Hold in mind, the end goal is happiness and self worth, not fitting the opinions of people who don't matter.

Christine E-E said...

you should congratulate yourself... having a PT is way better than I'm doing! and you say your pants can slip off without unbuttoning them... whoa! I can't remember the last time that happened to me - oh maybe, 9 years ago...
I too am tempted by cakes - but mostly cookies... that's my undoing!
oh - and, kettle chips (potato chips) & YES, we bought them at Sainsbury's this past summer on our holiday in London!
I think it's healthier to stick to my ZIG pens...