Friday 1 October 2010


This week's weekword is TEN, chosen by Domestic Scribbles and inspired by her 10th wedding anniversary. There are lots of wedding pictures over on her blog this week if you want to go and peek!

For my part, I have been racking my brains for a week to think of an original way to do 10. I do 10 every week on a Tuesday so I didn't want to do a list.

I've tossed the word around in my head all week, and all it reminds me of tunes! It made me think of the film Nine, the remake of which I saw last December with Mother Hand and Sib, and which I loved, especially Fergie -

(I feel guilty just picking Fergie out beause, truthfully, they were all wonderful).

It also made me think of the Bellgaio fountains. No matter how often I visit Vegas, I don't get bored watching. The most memorable show was during a Christmas visit in 2003 when they were playing show tunes. It was the song that goes, "One....da da da da dada...." yeah, I don't know the words. It's too bad, because this weekword has had me humming it all week but I cannot figure out what musical it is from!

So instead....the Bellagio fountains dancing to another Fosse classic.

This has been something of a miserable week, and it's cheered me up no end looking at these videos for this post. So, if you fancy ending the week on a high in a similar way, toddle on over to Silver Linings 4 Me on Monday and sign up for next week's weekword.

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V said...

Awesome! I like your twist on ten. ;o)