Saturday 2 October 2010

Weeknote, 2/10

Sparkly hat. Yawn. I have done very little; but at knitting group I am going to buy some chunky Brown Sheep to make a cowl with. It is starting to be cowl weather, I think.

Going to:
I haven't been anywhere exciting this week! How dull. I have had a hellishly long and exhausting week, involving a long governors meeting, a deeply innapprioriate gesture from a student, an open evening and the cancellation of the sponsored walk, which was the one good thing about the whole week: no lessons on Friday. Unfortunately it was deemed too wet and letters went home on Thursday to say it was postponed until next week.
Since it hammered down all day on Friday I must grudgingly admit they were correct, but that still left me with four lessons to plan whilst also, somehow, participating in open evening. And when I managed to do this, management decided to ring the bell for the end of break 5 minutes early without any warning, so I had to grandstand with my year 9s for additional time. This led to me being fesity and rude to the head, for which I had to apologise.

It really wasn't a good week. Thank goodness Jen is here today and we are going out tonight.

Nothing remotely interesting.

I learned how to embed an exterior object into the school VLE. I have not yet learned how to make the quiz to go with it. That activity is being saved for next week. However, I was quite proud of the original embedding.

Obsessed with:
Getting the week over and done with.

Entertained by:
Trying to complete all the things on my monthly goals list. Not quite sure what happened to September.

Very tired this week. I have been snappy and unsympathetic. But that's now half way through the first term: more than, really, as only 3 weeks to go until half term. Thank goodness! Hoping for a better, more productive week next week.

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