Tuesday 5 October 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I regularly say to myself

1. You'll never manage to pull all the greys out. Leave them, it's fine.
2. There is no glory in winning an argument with a teenager.
3. If you eat that, skiing will be much tougher next year.
4. You can definitely have a long nap as soon as you get home if you get up for work now.
5. You promised yourself you'd be in bed by 10 tonight, remember?
6. Yes, but, will you REALLY do it at the weekend?
7. If you do x, y and z, you can probably put off going to Asda until next weekend (or, if it is the weekend, "I'll go in the week when it's quieter". Hasn't happened yet.)
8. You work hard for your money, you deserve the shoes.
9. Go to circuits, you know you'll feel much better afterwards.
10. Why don't you have a to-do list? Make a to-do list. Do it now. (This last usually followed by a period of intense interwebbing).

It's disturbing how many of those things are lies!

A quick tweet share. Having just tweeted something about a cunning plan, I shouldn't have been surprised (but was) that Capt Blackadder responded, via Twitter, to ask how cunning the plan was, exactly. I am loving the randomness.


Christine E-E said...

I love your humor... I'm still trying to understand the school system in the UK. Is your class elementary kids (10-11 year olds)? & what are they called?

My husband & I vacationed in London this past summer for 3 weeks. Rented a flat near the So Kensington tube station... loved everything about London (other than the humidity - which we don't have along the central coast of California where we reside).

Glad to see you are participating in WeekWord - what "senses" are you posting about?

Sally said...

Hi Christine! We have mainly a two-tier school system here. I teach secondary, which is grades 6-12 - we would say, year 7 to 13. At the moment everything after 10th grade is optional. I teach across the full age range.

Glad you loved London but know what you mean about the humidity! It makes it feel like such a mucky heat.

I am still trying to think of a senses post and I'm making it now! Eek!

Thanks for the comment.