Tuesday 12 October 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things To Look Forward To

1. This weekend. My endless day of work has totally wiped me out.
2. Making Christmas cake. I am getting the fruit this weekend so it will be able to soak ready to make in...
3. HALF TERM! Only a week and a couple of days away.
4. Wicked. I love a good musical. Mother Hand and I are going to see it in the Smoke in half term.
5. Fibre Flurry. A new opportunity to augment my stash at the Knitwitches stall.
6. Malaysia. Once again, can't wait to get everything done and actually get out there. I can't believe how quickly it has come round; 5 weeks on Saturday until we leave.
7. Mother Hand's 60th birthday bash. She is having a "swinging 60s" party which will definitely involve getting dressed up in bad 60s costume.
8. Staff Christmas party. An annual highlight.
9. Having an extra-long Christmas holiday, thanks to a twilight day and an extra bank holiday. And, although I was looking forward to doing the ski course, I am not SO disappointed they changed the dates and I can't do it now, because I think I could do with the time at home.
10. Next year's excursions. I will be off to Iceland and Australia, amongst other places. Muy exciting!

Number 1 on that list should have been bed, though. I am off there now, I think.


Christine E-E said...

oh my gosh - your workweek sounds like mine - I just got some time to post my WeekWord - I'm soooo tired!
I loved Wicked - saw it in Los Angeles...

Sally said...

I could do without another week like this one for a while, that's for certain!