Monday 4 October 2010

Weekend FO

*Does victory lap around blog*

I finally finished something!! Which is secret code for, "You must suffer terrible late night camphone pics".

Pattern: My very own Speedy Snood (pattern details can be found in my Ravelry projects or in the blog post linked below)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, in 2 shades of blue. Used basically 2 whole skeins.
Needle: 12mm

I first knitted this for someone on the Lush forum as a dupe of something she'd found for crazy money on ebay and it has been cold this past week and I remembered it as being a snuggly, warm sort of thing and heaven knows I needed a quick knitting win, so I bought the yarn on Saturday and knocked it up last night.

Unfortunately my gauge is considerably different. It may be the 3 years of knitting experience, or it's possible that I knitted it on straights last time whereas this time I used a circ, but it's way smaller than I expected it to be. At first I was put off but I quite like it now I've been wearing it round the house a bit, and it matches my winter coat perfectly.

Bizarrely, I just measured my gauge and it looks to be the same....v odd.

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