Friday 22 October 2010


This week's Weekword was picked by Sally at SowandSew and she chose JOY.

The best thing about this word is that it reminded me of someone I knew and liked from uni, who I haven't spoken to in many years; but I just found her on Facebook. So, that was a lovely serendipity.

Here are five things I find joy in.

1. Weddings. I love them! It's the unbridled glee on the faces of the bride and groom that gets me every time. It makes me think of my own wedding, which has to be one of the most joyful days of my life.

2. Skiing. I get such a buzz from it; I can never understand people who sack it off as cold or too much hard work. Flying down a slope in the fresh air, with beautiful scenery all around, and feeling my muscles working together to keep me upright and's just awesome.

3. Being in water. Swimming, splashing about, floating....very calming. Unfortunately the daily lake-swimming experience on Camp America took the shine off normal swimming for me forever; I just don't enjoy swimming in chlorinated or salt water as much.

4. A nice kid comment. Like when I did assembly last week and I'd been really nervous, and one of my tutor group saw it and afterwards we passed in the corridor and he said, "Morning Miss....well done!" It made my day, it did.

5. Coming back to Mr Z after an absence. I do travel a lot without him, it must be said; but I still get the butterflies when I'm coming home.

There were lots of things to choose from. It reminds me that I lead quite a charmed life, really.

Next week's Weekword is going to be posted on Katy's blog on Monday, if you want to take part.


V said...

There is nothing like coming home. Hooray for butterflies!

=Z= said...

Awww :-*

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Great list...all full of joy!

Biomouse said...

Oh I really loved your post! Weddings make me so happy too and how cool for you that you've got a Kindle?!? I love the butterflies in coming home-I really enjoyed your post :)