Tuesday 26 October 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I love about Autumn

1. The colours of the leaves as they turn. So very pretty.
2. Blustery days. The same weather might occur in spring but not be worthy of the word blustery, I feel.
3. Being in bed on such days and knowing one does not have to get up (very specific to half term)
4. BPAL autumn fragrances. I have some perfumes that go with seasons, and BPAL Pumpkin with Spiced Apple and Punkie Night are all autumn for me. Every December I put them away and it's always such a pleasure getting them out again in September.
5. Soup. Especially pumpkin soup.
6. The clock change. I might be the only person in the country who likes when it starts to get dark early again.
7. Having the spare room duvet downstairs to snuggle under. I am not a fan of high central heating and prefer to layer up.
8. Weather days like yesterday - bright blue skies and very sunny but chilly, chilly, chilly. Perfect shopping days for me. Trying on clothes gets me all hot and bothered and cold weather is the perfect antidote for this.
9. Christmas teasers. I made mincemeat and prepared the fruit for my Christmas cake this weekend, and the whole house had a whiff of the Christmas about it. It's too early for wholesale Yule yet, but I like enough to know it is coming.
10. Cold weather knitting: big, chunky jumpers and scarves; mittens and handwarmers; and this year, some long spats which will enable me to wear my lovely heels all winter long without freezing my lower legs off.

Et tu?

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