Friday 8 October 2010

Weekword + Fave Friday

This week's word, chosen by Christine at Silver Linings 4 Me, is Senses. She has written a very interesting post about butterflies that I urge you to go and read.

Well, there are five senses (officially) and I usually have five favourites on a Friday so this seems to fit quite nicely.

Favourite smell:
I love grapefruit, and lots of fruity scents as long as they're not too sweet; coconut as long as it hasn't been crossed with pineapple; light, grassy, green scents; fresh lilies; the city when it's been hot and has then rained; the countryside from my car window driving home late at night in summer; the mitten when she's wet; the nape of Mr Z's neck when he's still sleeping first thing; coriander. And probably a dozen others.

Favourite taste:
I mostly have a sweet tooth, but I like things that taste quite fresh, too. I am a fan of Mexican flavours: lime and coriander. And I don't like TOO sweet. Cake is good.

Favourite touch:
I am quite tactile and love smooth, silky things. I can often be found with hair wrapped round my fingers, smoothing it, when it's recently washed and very shiny (right hand side of hair is usually curlier due to this). I like silk and silk blends, alpaca and bamboo to knit with.

Favourite sight:
Difficult to say. I like driving home and seeing the houses round the corner and knowing I'm nearly there. I like looking at shoes.
But these aren't really favourites; a favourite would be something my eye always finds pleasing. In which case, the answer is blue. I love looking at blue things, especially large bodies of water. My iGoogle background is a picture of Lake Tahoe and I find it incredibly soothing. I knit with a lot of blue, too.

Favourite sound:
I like the sound of silence. I seem to have sensitive hearing (whilst at the same time being largely deaf when people are actually talking to me) and I like having it quiet. The TV is almost always too loud for me.
But for music, I would describe my taste as "depressingly mainstream". Last song I downloaded? The explicit version of Cee Lo Green's Forget You. It is very uplifting in an inappropriate way.

A lot of the kids I teach think I have a weird sixth sense, too, because I am always catching people doing what they shouldn't. However, this is a combination of sensitive hearing and being able to read people. If you're looking in your lap, it's probably a phone. If there's a noise and people are looking at a kid, it's probably him/her. If you're whispering about weekend plans in a quiet room, I can probably hear them. It's not rocket science.....but I quite like them thinking I am a little psychic, I think it makes my job a little easier ;)

Next week's Weekword is going to be listed at Mandyland. Join in!


Christine E-E said...

ohhh... your comment about coconut reminds me of my favorite suntan lotion (teen years - when I slathered stuff to make myself burn - pretty bad, huh?)... do you like the smell of sweet peas?

taste - cake - I have a favorite bundt cake recipe that's not to sweet - perhaps I should share on my blog?

and bamboo yarn? sounds heavenly - I've worn bamboo undergarments - very sensual. I'll have to check out bamboo yarn at the store. I don't knit, but my youngest daughter does - she's a kindergarten teacher (4-5 year olds)... sometimes I buy yarn (& get her a gift card to buy yarn for herself) & have her knit me a scarf.

Your post reminds me of so many things... all pleasant memories. Thanks for participating in WeekWord.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

This is very is almost as if you posted a portrait of yourself.(-: