Friday 2 November 2012

Fave Friday


I feel I am labouring the point about Starbucks this week but really, this is my favourite thing of the moment. It is a favourite thing to do in the holidays: sit in a cafe with coffee and cake and read my Kindle. This is pumpkin loaf cake and it is delicious. That is a pumpkin soy misto.

I have finally discovered that a soy misto is half filter coffee, half hot soy milk. It is NOT a latte with extra shots, which is what I was served the first time I ordered one of these, three weeks ago. In that case I was served a triple shot latte in a small cup and it was 9.30pm. I don't even have coffee after lunch because it disturbs my sleep, and as I lay staring at the ceiling at 2am that night, eyes watering in exhaustion, I vowed I would find out what a soy misto REALLY was because I was sure it was not meant to be that strong.

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