Thursday 8 November 2012

Today I wish I was....

...back in Iceland.

On the day this picture was taken I was ill. I don't think I look particularly ill, because the air is so good and I had been hiking about in the cold. But, I had eaten something that did not agree with me and could not move far from the very cold toilet near this beautiful waterfall. So, I didn't go and stand underneath where it was falling and get wet, because I was not in the mood. I'd really like to go back and have a go! Also they are very good at heating their indoor spaces and creating warm clothes in Iceland. That is very tempting this week.

I had some pictures printed at the end of the summer and keep a little stack on my desk, changing the one at the front periodically. This is adorning my desk this week. It was such an enjoyable trip, despite the illness.

The air was so cold that the spray from the falling water turned to snow. Very bizarre and very beautiful.

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