Saturday 3 November 2012

October Goals Round Up

Complete a run/walk effort of at least 7 miles
It's weird, running. I get jealous when I drive past people doing it. I really enjoy it when I'm out there. But can I stir myself to actually do it? No. The Sodbury Slog is a mere 10 days away and to say I am in a panic about it would be an understatement. I also have a little cough/wheeze thing going on which is not helping me to feel healthy.

Attend 8 classes at the leisure centre (got to make that membership work for me!)
No; I think I managed 4.

Begin knitting Christmas jumper for Parpy Jo's son
Well. I have begun to swatch. 

Finish first sock, cast on for second sock
Yes! First sock done. The cast off was too tight and I dropped two stitches (?!) whilst doing it so I unpicked and bound off with the sewn method. Then I knitted the first lace repeat in Starbucks at Geneva airport this week. Sock knitting really is quite a quick thing if you put your mind to it. I expect everybody else knew this already.

Knit at least one of a pair of mittens that I can wear whilst driving (people seem baffled by my intention to drive in the thrummed mittens so perhaps I had better have something thinner)
Yes, with the chunky and luscious Maipo no less. I am nearly done with the second mitt. In the end I didn't have quite enough yarn to make a full mitten but decided, with hindsight, that they were better as fingerless mitts because they are going to be darn warm.

Plan and deliver a kick-arse set of assemblies based on David Rudisha being an inspiration
Yes, this was done. The first day I delivered it, I could not get the sound to work (it turns out the red light on the speakers is the off light, how ridiculous!) so I ended up commentating the entire race myself, which got me the most comments from staff and students as the week progressed.

Create a draft outline of what I'm delivering at that session I have to deliver on outstanding lessons next month, that is looming much too fast
Well, I greened this but actually I don't know if it's just that I should do so, because I put it off and put it off and finally, on October 31st when I could put it off no longer (handouts had to be with the company by November 2nd), I had an email from them saying numbers were too low for the course to be viable and it is cancelled. So I am greening it because it no longer needs to be done, which I know isn't the same as actually doing it, but the outcome is basically the same: it is no longer on my to-do list. Tenuous. I know.

Be absolutely amazing at skiing...I am off to Tignes in two and half weeks
So, as you'll have realised in my notes from Tignes, I only had two days in which to achieve this but actually I came away feeling quite positive. It was very icy on the first day and this caused a lot of complaining from the chalet staff, who did not care for the ice. I didn't really notice it. Since one of my action points was to be more confident on icy reds, I think I can safely say I have achieved that one.

Not bad! I suppose I should not be surprised that it is my exercise goals I failed to achieve this month, because autumn is typically the time when I crawl under the duvet into my armchair and don't come out for months at a time.

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