Friday 9 November 2012

Fave Friday


This is The Bunny. He is new. We have taken him in from Mr Z's colleague, because he didn't play nicely with his rabbit buddies. He's been living at Bunny Towers for about three weeks now and has basically ruined our already questionable-in-quality back lawn.

I am prepared to let him off though, because he is both cute and clever. He is a free range bunny really, but we weren't sure as to the security of the back garden so we have been cautious. When I let him out for the first time he went directly to his most favourite nomming spot, under the triffid rosemary bush, and when I attempted to evict him, gently, with a golf club, he tried to bite the golf club, and when that didn't work he grabbed the golf club with his mouth and moved it decisively out of the way.

Then, a week later, when the shed had been demolished and the chance of escape was quite high, he actually had me chasing him around the garden as he frolicked towards the massive gap in the fence and then feinted away. Smart. He was desperate to get out that day, as he'd been shut in for three days, and when I entered the garden he started butting his head against the door. Mr Z thinks we should get him a tin cup to rattle against the cage. I reckon he'd do it, too. He has excellent hearing - everytime I go to the back door he is instantly at the house end of the cage, watching me.

He thinks our garden is paradise. He has come from a place where everything is neat and there's only grass and up-high plants, to a garden that has not seen the business end of a gardening implement for roughly 2 years. When he gets out for his run, I can only liken him to Charlie when he arrived at the chocolate factory. He runs from plant to plant, nomming wildly. His favourite, after the rosemary, is the bramble. Win.

He doesn't have a name yet, as his name is Willow but everyone knows that's a cat's name*. We've tried out Conan, and Brahms, and are flirting with Nero. Haven't quite found the right fit yet, though.

The Mitten is displeased. She tried to attack him in the garden yesterday but I wouldn't fancy her chances because he's probably about the same size as her.

* I used to have a cat named Willow.

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