Sunday 11 November 2012

Sodbury Slog



She finishes!


A bit muddy....


...but nowhere near as bad as it was before running through the Pig Trough.

Today was the 13th annual Sodbury Slog, which takes place in the muddy fields around Chipping Sodbury every Remembrance Day. I can't quite remember why I signed up and I was absolutely terrified that I wouldn't make it, since a variety of excuses (laziness being top of the list) had kept me from doing the training I should have done. I did a nearly-4-miler with hills a couple of weeks ago, but this is nine miles across fields. I had no business being there, really.

Oh, and the mud! So much mud. I lost my trainers twice. I have a variety of scratches and mysterious bruises from falling in the mud, reaching out to prevent myself falling in the mud and grabbing brambles, and a variety of other mud-related injuries. There are a couple of special bits, including the aforementioned Pig Trough - where you run in a stream for a hundred yards - and the Sheep Dip, which involves jumping into waist-deep pool and wading through. As I got out of that one I nearly slipped in the mud and a spectating little girl recoiled in horror at the thought of being spattered.

The marshals and back markers were extremely supportive and helpful, handing out water, jelly beans and encouragement, even as my legs slowly gave out and slow jog turned into purposeful stride. I was the very last to finish, after two and a half hours, for which I was rewarded with a bottle of fizz and my name being announced over the tannoy. Not that there were many people around to hear it by then.

Muddy it may have been, but it was a gorgeous day for it (still feel guilty for making Mr Z give up such a beautiful golf day to come and hang around for me - thank you Mr Z) and at one point I saw a whole field covered in spider silk which was pretty glorious. I would definitely do it again. But, I would train more first.


Biomouse said...

This looks like so much fun- particularly the smile on your face! We have a Mud Run type of thing here as well that it seems like everyone just has a blast doing, from the mega marathon runners to the Couch to 5k crowd (that would be me). Glad I stopped by and thought I'd bug you a tad and see if you would like to play Weekword with us this week-I've missed some of my old bloggin pals!

=Z= said...

T'was a pleasure my dear - I'm happy you finished and also happy that you saw the silk fields as I see them.

Last to finish - it matters not; you finished and I'm proud of you, there are lots (including me!) who wouldn't have.