Monday 5 November 2012

Weekend FO



Alright...not actually mittens. They were meant to be mittens but there wasn't quite enough yarn, and then I thought it was probably better to make them fingerless mittens instead, anyway, because the yarn is so heavy that full mittens would be a bit hot for me.


You'll remember my stash enrichment post about this yarn - Maipo from Araucania. I picked two stitch patterns from my cables Stitchionary, picked a needle two sizes smaller than recommended and got to work, squandering an entire skein of it on each mitt. The result is pleasing, and very snug. The only problem I have so far is that the yarn is shedding quite a lot, already.


The wrist part is wide enough to fit over the top of my coat sleeves, thus creating an ultra-warm seal for those chilly mornings - they were finished just in time, it's been bitter today. Meanwhile the hand part is knitted tight enough in a slip stitch weave to keep out the drafts.


I will write up the pattern for them some time this month.

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