Tuesday 13 November 2012

Tuesday Ten

The List It Tuesday topic is "Ideas for List It Tuesday topics" and I had the BEST of intentions - it involved being arty and maybe even some glitter, definite use of Sharpies at any rate - but time is short. I have 20 minutes to get this blog post done and I have a lesson to plan before bed (last week was very relaxing but now I realise all the work has been surreptitiously squashed into this week instead).

Here's what you get:

I do love a good spider diagram. This is how I do my to-do lists, so I can split them up into the different sections of my job. Helps me prioritise. And of course, it has to be in red pen....even though the new regime at work insists on green for marking, I'm rebelling. Sometimes. When I think nobody is watching.

Aimee Artsyville has the double whammy of killer red shoes and beautiful socks in that post I linked to, so go and see her and look at some other blogs while you're at it. Blog-graze, if you will. 


Anonymous said...

Fantasy dinner guests...these are great! I think we will have plenty to list about into the new year!

storybeader said...

very organized. I was just commenting elsewhere that my lists are usually not demanding. Not sure if I would want to mix pleasure and work in one diagram... LOL {:-Deb

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Great list! It would be so fun to see what everyone's traditions are. :)

Tara Holmes said...

I always set out to do something creative with my lists, but it never pans out for me...lol. Were you a teacher in a former life, or perhaps now? This flow chart is very English-teachery :) Thanks for sharing :)

Sally said...

Haha, yes, I am a History teacher! Well spotted :)

Thanks for the good wishes, all.