Saturday 24 November 2012


I have to admit, I'm a little stuck for a post today. I have spent the day hibernating, enjoying my first weekend with nothing to do since half term. I sort of felt sorry to be missing out on the history conference that happened today but also quite grateful that I didn't have to schlep across to the Smoke in this weather. I slept well last night, pottered around reading work blogs this morning, did the food shopping, visited the salon, did lots of knitting and caught up on Game of Thrones and Dancing With The Stars. I am so disappointed Watch are not running DWTS anymore: I love Strictly Come Dancing but they are quite purist about it, whereas DWTS is a bit more showy and fun. When I heard Shawn Johnson was back for the All Stars season I had to take steps to ensure I was able to see it. I am only up to the fourth week but this dance beats out my all-time favourite DWTS number (also Shawn Johnson - the Cha Cha) and really brightened up my day.
 She is so very speedy and sharp, it's a real pleasure to watch. Darcey often mentions the importance of a strong core on SCD and I feel like Shawn probably has the strongest core of them all, which really adds something to her performance. As someone who has done a LOT of planks in the past couple of years, I can appreciate (a) how hard it is and (b) what a difference it makes to things like posture and balance.

Anyway. It's proper cats and dogs outside and has been all day. Waiting to wake up in the morning and discover what new bits of the southwest are underwater. So grateful for living on a hill!

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