Tuesday 20 November 2012

Tuesday Ten

Artsyville is wishlisting this week. Lots of inspiration for Christmas gift-giving over there!

Ten Things on my (Fantasy) Christmas List

1. This light. I haven't decided on a letter. Send them all in all colours and I'll pick my favourite. Just kidding...don't send yellow. I don't like yellow much outside of nature.

2. A Do it Later! 2013 Planner (or Non-Planner) for the Creative Procrastinator, from The Literary Gift Company, who unhelpfully do not have item-specific links on their website, meaning I have to basically browse their entire website every time I want to find something I've looked at. Such a CHORE. Anyway - it is pointless me buying a diary because I have tried, and failed, to use them for writing appointments and the like down (I basically keep all that stuff in my head) but it still looks like it might be a fun thing.

3. Some Scrabble cushions - as last year. We have decided to buy a couple of Ws, and then I will knit some nautical-themed cushion covers with anchors on them, and arrange them saucily about the place. In your own time.

4. A Kenwood Chef. I have decided I need one and I am willing to sacrifice my coffee pot to get it. It has planetary mixing action. IT CAN MIX. ACTUAL. PLANETS. Also it might help me successfully create meringue buttercream icing.

5. Somebody excessively green-fingered to come and repot my endlessly multiplying ginormous Aloe Vera without killing it in the process. Mother Hand is coming to stay though so this might be a possibility.

6. As always, additional time. I would settle for five extra secret days. I'd like to be able to take these one at a time whenever I like in the next calendar year, without notice.

7. A rebuilt garage with a lovely, palatial room over the top with windows on all sides so it is really light, and a roof terrace accessed by a spiral staircase. Overlooking...hmm, the neighbour's garden, so not the best thing ever but it would have a lovely view out across the hills at the back.

8. A case of English Sparkling Wine, as reviewed in this blog post. My ideal home has a cellar in it, in which I can keep large quantities of wine and a variety of other things. At the moment I'm still working my way through the Cava we bought but didn't drink at the hen night I went to in the summer.

9. To be supreme queen of the world for the day. I have a LIST.

10. A Giraffe Manor holiday. I am becoming obsessed with visiting this place.

Making these lists is always fun but takes a long time! I think it only takes a long time because I am very blessed already. Maybe I should have things for other people on my Santa list, but I don't think that's quite the point.


Anonymous said...

The Literary gift company is wonderful...thanks for the link. I love that you want to be Queen, can I slip you my list too?
Good luck why the Aloe Vera.

Tara Holmes said...

I love those letters! I've seen the American Pickers discover a few and they are the coolest! I'd also go for the English sparkling wine...yummy; then again, I could go for any adult beverage right about now; they've been my only craving. Go figure! Thanks for stopping by my page :)

storybeader said...

I''d like a garage too, but we only have a garage port! Well, the ORIGINAL house had a garage and it was changed into a room. And I have my art supplies in there... But still! {:-Deb

Terrie said...

Sounds like you do some serious baking to want that mixer....and the cushions sound fun - it is hard sometimes to think of 'wants' when you feel lucky and charmed already. But, there's always something, right? Happy Thanksgiving.!

aimee said...

'wishlisting'... spectacular verb! oh, that letter lamp -- I want!!

Cheryl Gee said...

I share your wish to transform a garage onto an art studio.

Here's to wishes!!!