Thursday 31 December 2015

Holiday FOs: Telluride and Rose Pink

Yesterday I managed to finish not one but TWO garments. Two! I was inspired by writing up my resolutions to go back and pull out the rose pink cardigan, sew in the second button band lining and add the snaps.

It's still not quite there because I can only find one packet of snaps, so I haven't added them to the last two buttons yet. But it's kind of moot because I don't think it will ever be worn completely done up. It gaps at the button band in spite of the lining. Well, let's make a list of its issues:

1. It's too small. Negative ease is not so clever for cardigans, I realise now (I did start knitting this nearly 4 years ago).
2. The button bands make the front longer than the back.
3. The button band lining is longer on the button side than on the underside, so the button band sort of gapes a bit when they're all done up due to there being more fabric on that side.

However, I really adore the colour, the button band lining and the buttons so I am ignoring all of the above. I could take the lining out and sew it up. I might, if I find I'm never wearing it; but I really love that button band lining and want it to be seen. It was a remnant I bought from Get Knitted; I gave the rest to my friend Vikki in return for sewing up the button band lining on her sewing machine.

I also really like the shaping in the cardigan. It makes the colours in the semi-solid undulate.

Basically it's the cardigan of ambivalence.

Less so, the Telluride Aran. So warm and squishy! I love it. I am so pleased that it worked out how I wanted, after all the worrying about the shaping. Oh, and then I knitted one of the sleeves 4 stitches bigger than the other, because I forgot what size I was supposed to be doing. I realised this as I was decreasing for the second sleeve cap. I did not rip back. Mr Z could not spot the bigger one. I fudged the cap shaping so it would fit the sweater and it doesn't notice. I feel really stupid: I was knitting them two at a time so I must have been really distracted.

Obligatory "I'm not quite ready..." shot.

It's a little on the large side for what I'm used to: I thought I was decreasing to a negative-ease size but either my gauge is out or I am smaller than I think because it's a good fit. It might contract a little after blocking. It doesn't look too big; it's just not as tight as I am used to.

As if I hadn't knitted enough, I also managed to finish two hats tonight. I know how to have a rocking New Year's Eve.

The other one is the same, but the colours are reversed and I've done the pom pom for that one (after 90 minutes of hunting for the pom pom maker by clearing out old drawers full of crap. Like I said, I totally win NYE). Mr Z has claimed them both already.

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