Wednesday 30 December 2015

Today I wish I was...

I know that I needed a break and I have very much appreciated being at home with little to do (today I sat in my chair for roughly 12 hours, knitting and napping and sewing things up and complaining about sewing things up). BUT. I still wish I was here.

The view from our chalet, last New Year, in Chamonix. I didn't ski last NYE; instead I got the bus into town and did some marking in a cafe. However, the fresh air was lovely. Let's ignore the fact that I came back with a 9-week cold.

This was the view in the other direction:

This was actually the view from the dining table. I was sitting at it when I took this.

Tom and I have an ongoing argument about whether you'd rather look at beach or mountains. It stems from the school trip to Iceland, where all the hostel rooms had views of either the beach or the mountains. I always say beach. He always tries to convince me otherwise. This sort of view helps with the convincing.

Well...I have heard it is going to be considerably colder tomorrow.

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